C12 not finding my Padshop 2 or Beat Agent add-ons

I ran into a problem. I updated to C12 and now my Padshop 2 and Beat Agent add-ons cannot be found.
I checked the Library manager and they show as installed and they show fine in C11.

But when I run C12 Padshop 2 does not show the content. Zero Gravity and Granular Symphonies cannot be found. Elek Drums for Beat Agent.

I tried re-installing, but it says that content is already installed. They work and show fine in Cubase 11, but not in 12.

What could I do? Is it a licencing issue? The content is installed.

I don’t think they are supported in c12. There are post saying they are not compatible

If Padshop loads for you, go into the search box that pops up when you change presets.
Type ‘zero gravity’ into the search and that folder will show up. Double click on the folder and it opens up to show all the patches.
It did for me anyways.

Are you using Cubase without the dongle? If so, you still need the dongle to load Granular Symphonies/Guitars and Groove Agent add ons.

I finally got them working. I had to un-install and re-install them manually couple of times (without library manager first and then with library manager). Anyway, C12 finds them now and they work too. I have no idea why they did not show up in the first place, since they were showing in C11.

They are compatible. They are just expansions for Groove Agent and Padshop 2.

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