C12 Not Recognizing Bounce Range

I select a range to bounce a song by using the cycle marker (hitting P)…but after bouncing I see Cubase has added on an addition few seconds of dead air beyond the range I selected. I have not had this problem before noticing it this week and wonder if there is something I might have done to create this behavior…thanks…

Did you activate the tail by any chance?

I didn’t notice that as an option in the Mixdown window…this is happening on an entire mix…

Bounce is not mixdown.
In Cubase these are different things.

Yes sorry…nevertheless Cubase is adding time to the range set for the Mixdown and not sure how to solve it.

How much time is added and which mixdown format?

It was happening during a 44.1/16 mix down using multiple outputs (4) for different versions of the song…probably about 4-5 seconds.