C12 Plugin Latency per track. Need Tips

Hello, as most of us know, there’s an option on the main Mixer to verify latency per channel track.
Image example uploaded.
This question is for me to understand how the latency really works.
Also I thank you for taking the time to answer.

Also I have noticed that the latency readings are fix and not variable.

Let me explain myself.

I went into the Studio setup audio setting.
Enabled / disabled Asio guard.
Audio interface increase or decrease the Buffer size.

The Channel latency stay the same.
To my understanding they are not Asio or Buffer Size dependent.

Any explanation would be fantastic :slight_smile:

Did you read the manual?

Recently I have not. I did read the Cubase Sx manual 21 years ago :))

So if I read in between the lines, it means that its a software related latency no workaround.

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Depends what is causing the latency, comps/limiters for example, may have a lookahead which is a fixed ms of latency to allow the ability to react to the signal being received.

Also, don’t forget that the overall latency you experience will only be based on the most latent serial signal chain.

i.e. two tracks of 12ms latency isn’t 24ms across the project, it’s 12ms.

If you’re wanting to reduce the latency for recording but not lose those plugin instances you can constrain latency based on a millisecond(ms) threshold too:

(Apologies if you already know all that :slight_smile: )

The threshold setting is something I would like to try. If you don’t mind explaining where it is located?

Timestamped (5:20) here: