C12 Pro *Crashes: DAW disappears* dump file

Hello Everyone,
Lately I’ve been getting random crashes.
They appeared since I added new plugins.
2 new soft synths and a few plugins.
Before uninstalling them , I posted different failures on 3 occasions.
It seems odd to me getting different errors each time.
Given also the fact that the current project has no new plugins.

I uploaded the errors from the dmp file.
These codes were from 3 crashes
Any comment or taughts would be great.


So basically,
it indicates clearly that the Plugin called “Reference” has cause a crash.
*To be uninstalled.
-Reference by Mastering the mix was purchased on the 18th of March.

The crashes began around the 14th.
Something else is also making the computer crash

The Investigation has been completed.
I was able to pin point every crash with timestamp using Windows “problem reports”
Uploading images.
I solved the issues myself.
My apologies for creating this topic :pray: