C12 Pro <Disk Cache> Spikes to RED added 3 Plugins

Hello Everyone,

Would need some advice to correct a sudden problem after adding a few extra plugins from plugin alliance. I already had the SPL collection then earlier today I added the SSL 9000 channel strip, the API Strip and an Amek Eq.
This is when the problem started.

I have a Steinberg audio interface that runs fantistic.
I usually have the buffer size on 64 and the Asio guard on Low. Great performance running heavy projects. Earlier today I added 3 new plugins and I keep receiving spikes.
I start getting spikes a few minutes later and not on the spot.
But once the spikes are ON, there is no way to stop them even if I remove the plugin.
I have to do a complete restart in Windows.
It can’t be my drive. I use a Nvme h850x black and never had problem before.
Except I’m thinking , maybe the plugin require heavy realtime processing on the playback.
Can It be a like a virtual memory “cache” issue?
I have 32gb of ram.
Maybe increasing virtual memory in windows would solve the issue? Or it might be a USB bottleneck for realtime and there is no workaround. Except for uninstalling the new plugins.

Ps: Apologies if my English is not perfect.

I uninstalled those plugins