C12 Pro eLicence not recognised by SX 3

Greetings, all. Many threads about converting .all files, but can’t find the answer to this…

I have an activated C12 Pro licence; downloaded and installed SX 3 to use for conversion… SX 3 installs, executes, then asks me to ‘select a licence in the device tree’. I see the C12 Pro licence listed but it is not selectable!

Coming to the brains trust now… Thanks in advance.

Cubase SX3 requires a valid license on the physical USB eLicenser.
Cubase SX/Pro versions below 12 will not work without the USB eLicenser.
The new Steinberg Licensing system does not allow Cubase versions below 12 to run.

For example, if you’ve upgraded from Cubase Pro 11 to Cubase Pro 12, you need to plug in the USB eLicenser with the older license in order to run Cubase SX3.


Nooo! I thought I read that having Pro gave you access to SE/SL/SX for conversion. I just bought C12 Pro outright after an extended hiatus from music production. (Are you saying that’s true for 11 and earlier?) I no longer have any dongle/licence/hardware from 20yrs ago when I used to have SX :frowning: Just some files.

Am I doomed? (And thanks for the response).


This was in the past, when Steinberg is using the very same license system (eLicenser), as it was used in Cubase SX 3 area. With Cubase 12, Steinberg switches to the new licensing system, which is not compatible anymore. The only way to be compatible with the old licensing system is to own older Cubase, which has been updated/upgraded to Cubase 12. Then the old license changes to the mentioned Cubase 11 (Upgraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licensing), which you can still use for older Cubase.


I would try to ask Steinberg support, if they would be so kind and if they would give you the Cubase 11 (Upgraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licensing) license. Or maybe Cubase 11 Trial license, so you could transfer all your older projects to the current CPR format within the 30 days of Trial period. Or if you are talking about just a few files, you can someone for the service here on the forum.

Why you don’t use this one to transfer your projects then, please? Any Cubase SX version can do the transfer.

Thank you, Martin. I will try Steinberg support!

Q: I see that it is possible to buy a USB eLicencer dongle from a music store (they are cheap). Could I buy that and transfer C12 Pro licence onto it to then use with SX?

My C12 Pro licence is Cubase Elements 11 (Upgraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licensing) This is because I had a copy of LE4 with an old audio interface.

Thank you :slight_smile:

EDIT: I have been reading other posts and it seems it is not possible to put C12 Pro on a USB e-Licencer. And because my upgrade was from Elements, it still won’t work.
Thank you for your responses and patience. I will ask Steinberg support and go from there.

I lost my SX dongle/hardware etc a looong time ago :frowning:


No, you can’t, sorry.

If you know at least some information, I believe the could find it in the support and give the license back to you, so you can use it.

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If the projects you want to recover were created with Cubase LE4 originally, they can be loaded directly into Cubase 12 Pro without needing to be converted at all.

The conversion process via Cubase SX3 is only necessary for (very) old project files such as those in “.ALL” format from e.g. Atari ST.

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Thank you.
I definitely had SX3 when I was a lot younger (!) and created many .all files. It looks like I messed around with LE4 briefly when I was…less younger :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps giving up when I discovered I couldn’t open the .all files then.
I have renewed interest and jumped in with C12 Pro only to discover the persistent dongle requirement to run legacy. Oh well. I’m more focused on new material now but will talk to Martin or Support about legacy access options.
Thanks again :slight_smile:


So do you have *.all files or *.cpr files, please?

. all

It was most likely Cubase VST in that case, as SX already used the .cpr format.

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Hi clonestereo,
just for clarification. I confirm that *.all and *.arr were formats generated b Atari and later on Cubase VST (Windows).
SX3 is able to import the two formats but converts them in to *.cpr - that you can load in all later versions up to 12 PRO.
I recently was able to convert all my old *.arr and *.all projects I created with CB VST to *.cpr with SX3 and it worked fine loading them in CB 12 PRO.
So if Steinberg Support helps you with reactivating your SX3 license, you should be fine. Normally they are quite forthcoming. Just raise a support ticket in MySteinberg and explain your dilemma. If you have a valid CB12PRO license, I think you have a good chance that they will help. Just be patient waiting for the reply … sometimes it takes a week or two.
If you’re not successful, you can contact me and maybe I can help by converting your old projects in to *.cpr on my computer (for free :sunglasses:).

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Ah, VST! That’s the one I had.

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

Well, I got a pleasant surprise this morning. It seems I had already converted my .all files to .cpr around 15yrs ago. For some reason I was only seeing the old .all files in the folder. Now with C12 Pro I can see the .cpr files. Hooray!
Sorry for wasting everyone’s time. You’ve all been very patient and supportive. This is a great community :slight_smile:

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