C12 Pro Issues - FF Pro Q and Automation Issues

Hi All,
I am not sure if this is the right place to put this as it doesn’t look like there is a specific issue collection area of the forum anymore.

Two issues, may have been covered before. The first is simple, since the latest update 12.0.3 FabFilter Pro Q isn’t sizing correctly, the bottom section of the plugin window is not displayed/cut off. Putting the plugin in to full screen more is my workaround as this lets me see the entire plugin window but this is obviously a bit annoying when working on a busy mix. Obviously before the update we had excess window space around plugins, that was less annoying that truncated plugin windows.

Secondly, I have been getting crazy level spikes/pops when looping a section when there is automation involded, I’ve made a video of this I would be happy to share if the devs want to see it.
At the end of a section when hitting the right marker and jumping back to the left marker some channels get a momentary boost of an incredibly high level, the sort of loud that makes the channel meter hold in the full position for ages. This spike is a lot louder than any of the channels can hit when faders are pushed to maximum.
I have checked and there are no large volume jumps in the automation, when playing through the pass without looping there are no volume jumps and different latency settings don’t alter this, there is also no spike in cpu when this is happening.
This issue only happens when I start adding level automation to a mix, I need to do more testing to see if it has anything to do with external plugins as I use a lot of them in all my mix work.
This is a C12 problem as 10.5 had no such issue.

Win 10 machine, i7-6950X, 64GB RAM, RME RayDat cards.