C12 pro: message during startup

I’ve recently updated to C12 Pro from C11 Pro

everytime I start cubase I receive the following error message:
Schermata 2022-05-25 alle 13.28.08

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

You still need your eLicenser for such licenses. Do you still have it plugged in to the machine?

If so, just run the eLicenser control center software, let it update and run maintenance tasks will probably fix this.

indeed; I’ve just noticed that by plugging the eLicenser in, I don’t receive that error anymore.
Instead, when I start cubase with the eLicenser plugged in I receive this one:

Schermata 2022-05-25 alle 13.27.28

Why HALion Symphonic Orchestra and Olympus Choir Micro do need the eLicenser though?

Did you open eLicenser Control Center and allow it to update and run maintenance tasks?

Because only the stock instruments and effects have the new licensing. If you have full versions of Groove Agent or HALion it’s the same story, the ‘SE’ version runs on new licensing, the full version does not.

I don’t know what or when others will move over - absolutely no timeframe or roadmap offered to customers. Cynics say it’ll be linked to “paid for” updates, and they’re probably right.

With that in mind, I expect that a few library licenses will never make it across if they’re not part of a saleable product in the coming years/months (Absolute, Groove Agent, HALion etc).

I solved the first issue.
Regarding the second one I thought that since I got those effects buying earlier versions of Cubase Pro they were “stock” by default.
perhaps those effects in particular come from Dorico 3 which I haven’t upgraded yet and therefore as soon as Cubase detects them during the startup, it asks for the eLicenser