C12 Pro not loading larger projects on first attempt

Hi- I’ve begun having an issue with C12 Pro on larger projects where it will only load to a certain point and then stop. I then have to Force Quit and start with an early version of the mix which is less dense, and will generally load with no problem, then I can pull up the current version and then it will load properly.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if so, have you found and answer for it? Thanks in advance for any input


Are your plug-ins up to date? Do you get any crash/DMP file? Are you on Mac or Windows?

Hi Martin- thanks for your reply. I’m on a Mac M1 Pro, 32 gig ram, Monterey 12.5.1, C12 12.0.70 running under Rosetta and yes,all plugins are current VST3. I don’t get a crash file as there appears to be no specific plugin causing the issue and it doesn’t crash C12. Rather, something stops it from loading properly unless I load a lighter cpr. version first and then the current, more developed version.

It almost seems as though C12 needs something loaded in ram first and then it can handle a heavier load. I’ve tried all the old stuff, delete permissions, etc, but as there is no standard crash (just stalls out (beachball) and I have to Force Quit) it’s hard to pin down particularly as I can eventually get it to work and it’s not on every project.

This is a relatively new development. If you have any ideas on this, Martin, please let me know. I appreciate it.



I sent you PM.