C12 pro. Problems with a few Plugins. Very annoying Crash when it occurs

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been having problems with only a few plugins. The problem is that I often use them.
Wave Stereo Imager for example. Its been around for years.
Sometimes I could be adjusting the width and the channel suddently will overload and a loud distortion will come out. Only way is the delete the track or shutdown.

Anyone having the same issues?
I realized that it happens most of the time with stereo imagers or a reverb. (Vallhalla)

Most of the time , this happens of a big project. The Computer seems to handle everything. Asio guard is less than halfway all the time. The other meters don’t show (peak, drive)
Is it possible because I’m running Cubase with the processing precision at 64 bit instead of 32 bit ? Not sure…

I would definitely try switching the processing to 32 bit given your situation. Chances are very good that is the issue and you probably won’t be able to hear a difference between the 64 and 32 bit anyway.

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