C12 Pro - Retrologue, Padshop _no valid license detected

I upgraded from C11 pro on a dongle to C12 Pro, no dongle.

Now I get an error message when I try to load Retrologue or Padshop.
Paraphrased - “No valid license detected - Please connect your e-licenser and click retry. Make sure your license control center is up to date.”

Groove Agent doesn’t even appear at all

Aren’t these automatically installed and licensed when you install and activate C12 Pro?.

What do I need to do.

Please click the Cubase Pro 12 entry in the Steinberg Download Assistant and download the latest versions of the plug-ins from there.

If you hadn’t updated in a while before Cubase 11, you might as well re-download the content for the VST plug-ins too for safety.

Problem solved.

I Went back to the Download Assistant and reloaded the instruments. I went through a new activation process. Now they all work

That said, if products are included in a suite, such as Cubase Pro, it would make sense that all parts of that suite are activated when you activate the license for the main element, Cubase.

I mean, imagine we had to activate each one of the stock VSTi’s? Why are the VST instruments different?

That’s exactly how they work, their only requirement is a valid Cubase license. You only have to activate once.

Since your plugins were outdated, they were looking for a Cubase license on an eLicenser. They couldn’t find this license because your dongle wasn’t connected.

Now that they’re updated, these plugins now know that they should check the Steinberg Activation Manager for your license, not just the eLicenser. The dongle is no longer required for them to work.

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