C12 Pro, Retrologue still not available

I have C12 Pro up and running (since last year) yet the Retrologue 2 plugin that comes with it still requires the eLicenser USB dongle to load.

Without the eLicenser USB dongle connected, I get an error in Cubase: “No valid license detected for Retrologue”

How do I resolve this? I see nothing in mysteinberg web account for retrologue nor do I see anything in the eLicenser control center about retrologue strangely. I think it must be feeding off the Cubase 11 Pro license on the dongle for when it is connected.

Please make sure that Retrologue 2 is updated to the latest version. Old versions of Retrologue aren’t compatible with the new Steinberg Licensing system, which is used by Cubase Pro 12.

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How would one do that? I don’t have a separate Retrologue license, just the built in one with Cubase.

I would open the the Download Assistant and install it.

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Thanks, Steve.

A few things:

  1. I didn’t know I had a Download Assistant.
  2. I did see License Manager and a separate Activation Manager (confusing)
  3. I was misunderstanding in thinking Retrologue was built in to the Cubase installer and wasn’t a separate entity.

After going through the Download Assistant and finding the Retrologue instrument entry in the Retrologue category in the VST instruments and Plugins section, Retrologue now works.

I think Steinberg could make the entire download, activation/registration, and installation process a lot more streamlined. Maybe one app.

And if you have elements separate from Cubase but bundled with Cubase, they should update with Cubase. Just my take.

Thanks again!

  1. good to know
  2. new thing, and transition period continues, see Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg
  3. right, and all files are available to download separately, whereas before before they split stuff up in the Download Assistant. you had to download everything, like 20 gb,

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