C12 - randomly deteriorated audio signal (chopped)

Hello All,

Definitively C12 is is the worst upgrade of my life. :cold_sweat:
Every time I start, I worry that everything will go wrong. I’m even more afraid it’s going to crash than making false notes.

The reality is that all, absolutely all, was ok with C11. No bug, no cracks, no freeze…
But under C12, the nightmare is here.
For unknown reasons, suddenly the sound starts to hatch, to crack, frezze, to cut, as if I had put a trance gate effect… and it affects my entire audio system, even outside of cubase (youtube, etc etc…)
I don’t speak about a large template, no, no,no,… sometimes it comes with only 1 poor instrument track, no effect, no matter the VST.

I absolutely did not change anything in my setup between C11 and C12 except this version upgrade.
My preferences are the same, my plugin too, everything is up to date, from my graphics card and through my audio drivers, my plugin, and so on.

The only way is to wait an indefinite time for the “thing” to unblock and return to a normal sound.

And I don’t speak about the crazy audio performance meter (real time and peak are just …insane for a professional configuration, process overload red alert with only a poor VST instance and ultralight plugin…)

I can atch youtube for 2 hours, no problem, listn music during 2 days, no problem, but once I start C12, I pray for 10 minutes of tranquility. Sometimes it passes, quiet an hour, and then all of a sudden…
And the problem is that now, it affects also C11 !!
It just gives me the impression that C12 installed something stupid and that it affects my entire system randomly. Is it related to some kind of license scan, I don’t know. But clearly, there’s something going wrong, definitively wrong.

Anyway, I’m not alone with this general instability of C12. A lot of comments here and on other forum, a lot of discontent, and …and we are waiting.

Sorry to say, but don’t make the C12 update if you’re on C11…Wait for a satble system…or go away for other DAW.

Totally unpleasant, stressful, frustrating, unusable and I hope that Steinberg, in addition to solving these problems, will make a gesture for the faithful users who pay their license.

Yesterday evening, impossible to loak a Kontakt instance (from empty project, even with many restart of computer, cubase, and so on)
Instant hard closing of C12…

This morning, it works like a charm. Just ****

Definitively, I think something is wrong with the license sever checking process or something like that (and I precise that all me elicenser, Axctivation manager, plugin,…are updated)