C12 Very Very odd crash. 1st in months Need Help!

Hello , I realy need assistance here. My 1st crash in months as I have a deadline for a project.
It’s been a few days. Every move or edit I do, I need to save.
IT is very odd. Cubase 12 doesn’t freeze or hang it different. While I’m working it just disappears. Like all of a sudden poof! I’m on desktop. Actually at first I was like, to much processing and cubase left. But now its pretty regular.
Need assistance please. Dump file?

Every plugin is registered or on iLock. I have many.
Sound toys, Liquid sonic, Solid state, Xferr, UHe, Rob papen, Wave, Valhalla, Klevgrand, Plugin alliance , Izotope, Oeksound, Fabfilter, Arturia, Dear reality, sugar byte, baby audio,
Not the whole Bundles!!! 1 or 2 plugins from each brand that I have purchased.
I also have 3 plugins that were passed along.
Any advice or assistance would be very appreciated. I am use to working for hours without crashes. Now it is really unpleasant.
Thank you so much for reading

Is Cubase generating a dump file when it crashes? If so, could you post it here please?

It doesn’t say much.
It happened to me once in the past and I was able to point the issue. Dump file indicated a soft synth. I reinstalled the synth and it solved the issue.
Now it kind of mentions that the file is protected and to click on Analyze.
After the Analyze, the only thing that I was able to point out was “adress NTDLL fault” That made cubase close. Not sure if it means .
It doesn’t mention like asio related or interface or a plugin.

Again, please attach the .dmp file in this thread if you can.

I found the cause. It was a Vst3 plugin.

Got back the crash again … wasn’t the plugin that I taught.