C12 won't close after audio mixdown export

1 . Load demo project “Cubase 12 - Pop Demo By Austin Hull_MIXED”
2. File → Export → Audio Mixdown
3. Settings are default - Stereo Out, Wave, 44.1k, 16-bit, interleaved
4. Export Audio

The project can be closed but not Cubase. Have to force quit from taskbar.

Edit - “Cubase 12 - Pop Demo By Austin Hull_UNMIXED” project is OK, so maybe something in the project?

Cubase 12.0.20
Windows 10 Pro 21H2
Focusrite Scarlett 4i4


Generate a DMP file and share it via Dropbox or similar service, please.

Use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a DMP file, please.

  1. Please download ProcDump64 from Microsoft (~650kB) and extract the archive to a local folder on your harddisk.

  2. Run Command Prompt (cmd) as administrator (right click and select “run as administrator”)

  3. Navigate (in the Command Prompt) to the folder with the extracted procdump file.
    For example:
    cd C:\ Users \ \ Downloads \ Procdump
    Note: the dmp file will be written into that folder.

  4. Launch Cubase/Nuendo. You can work as usual. At any time, change to the command prompt and start procdump, to monitor Cubase/Nuendo for unexpected behavior (see next step).

  5. Launch procdump64 via Command Prompt:
    Cubase 12:
    procdump64 -e -h -t Cubase12

Nuendo 11:
procdump64 -e -h -t Nuendo11

The -h option will write a dmp file in case of an application hang. This might kick in too early sometimes, in case some action takes a little longer. Feel free to skip the “-h” option, if you are only up for fetching crashes.
The option -e will catch exeptions and the option -t terminations of the application.

  1. Prodump is now monitoring the Cubase/Nuendo process and will write a crash log, in case Cubase/Nuendo crashes or hangs. Perform the action that causes Cubase/Nuendo to crash and send us the generated crash dmp.

ZIP and share the DMP file via Dropbox or similar service, please.

Hi @Martin.Jirsak thanks for the very clear instructions.

Here is the dump file:

Please let me know when you have downloaded it so I can delete it.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Thank-you, Martin, for taking the time to look at it.

@Martin.Jirsak I just noticed there is also a crash dump file in the CrashDumps folder. Should I upload that one too?


When was the file created? Was it at the same time as the one created by ProcDump? Or did it happen in other time?

Upload it too, with the information I asked above, please.

Hi @Martin.Jirsak

Yes, the file was created exactly at the same time as the one created by ProcDump.

Here it is:


Thank you, I have attach it to the Steinberg report.

Btw, do you use any network or VPN drive for the MediaBay files?

No, all files are stored on local drives.

But I did some more tests, exporting to different drive locations and found that the app freeze only occurs when exporting to the Windows “Desktop” folder (“C:\Users\Phillipus\Desktop”).

(The file is exported OK and Cubase has write access to the Desktop).


Thank you for the details, I have added this information to the description.

Desktop is quite specific folder in Windows. Please, make sure, you have permissions to write to this folder.

Yes, I have permissions to write to the Desktop folder. As I said, the wav file is exported and saved correctly.

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