C13.0.20 External Inserts cause the whole system to be sluggish and unusable

Reproduce :

  • Open audio connections

  • Add external Fx

  • Assign your interface i/o’s

  • close connections tab

  • Insert the external insert on an audio track

  • Ping the delay time ( 4ms)

  • Play your track

  • Render in place the track with the External insert

  • Remove external insert

  • Remove original track


The whole of Cubase Stutters graphically , meters on the mixer are unusable .


  • REMOVE AUDIO CONNECTIONS FOR THE EXTERNAL fx in the audio connections .

  • Quit Cubase


This is getting worse by the day , the more digging , the worse it gets . For a PRO audio mixing environment this is total gash , you really expect people to completely disconnect their audio connections and reboot mid flow to regain stability of the DAW ?

THIS IS AN i9 ,not a ZX 81 from the 80’s

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Things i was thinking about months ago … a friend just linked me here.

Since cubase - as they say - (still not tested it yet as a matter of time) makes latency control automatically, could this be hardware related ? What I/O hardware are you using btw. ?

Just curious, since i would like to go for it with my rme ad/da32 on this.
I also wonder if besides cubase also wavelab offer this external inserts possibilities.

Cheers n thanks in advance for some enlightment.