C13 Can I remove my USB dongle from the older legacy versions?

Upgraded from C12 to C13. Can I unplug the USB dongle? I hope so.

If so, can I uninstall the eLicenser application?


Well that depends on if everything you own under the old eLicense scheme has been converted to the new system or not. This would be not just for programs but also plugs & content.

The easiest way to find out is by unplugging the dongle, launching the various Steinberg products you own and see if any complain about it.

Personally I’m just leaving the dongle as is & ignoring it - mostly because I’m lazy & have better things to spend time on. I would recommend leaving the eLicense software installed just in case something crops up where you do need it. For example maybe you need to use Cubase 10 because it is the last version to support XYZ and you need to run XYZ.

Seems reasonable.