C13 Crashes with GA Mixer Export

It crashes when exporting Groove Agent mixer and fx to cubase, but is fine while only exporting the mixer.

  1. Create instrument track with GA
  2. Select an exportable percussion or drumkit and load it
  3. Right click on it and select Export Mixer and Fx to Cubase
  4. It vanishes!


Can you reproduce it? Or did it happened only once?

Do you have the latest Grove Agent update installed, please?

Could you attach the .dmp/.ips file, please?

It happens everytime. Yes, I have the latest version installed. No.


The most important:

C13testGA.pdf (470.7 KB)


Attach the source *.ips file, please. Then I can work with it.

It was a pita sending that. Where is the dump file located?

Precisely as you sent the pdf.


Or drag onto your reply

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Found it. I obviously know how to send a file :nerd_face:
Deleted it.


This *.ips file is different from the original one, you sent as PDF. And the new *.ips file is somehow malformed.

Have you tried reproducing the crash?

Ok…after waiting for an answer for a month, we still don’t know if you have tried reproducing it Martin.


Sorry, I’m still waiting for the relevant *.ips file from you.

It doesn’t crash on my side.

Cubase 13-2023-12-26-184616.ips (148.0 KB)

I just checked and I have this problem too. Export mixer works, export mixer & fx crashes Cubase immediately. MacOs Ventura, Cubase Pro 13.0.20.
I’ve sent the crash report to Steinberg.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.


Attach the *.ips file, please.

Tried with Cubase 13 pro 13.0.20 on win 10 22H2 and it works fine. No crash.

Cubase 13-2023-12-27-111128.ips (92.4 KB)

I have one more, but the infois the same