C13 - GUI Bug - External Instruments/MIDI Device/Patchname script

I have a Waldorf M set up as a external instrument. I also defined a MIDI device with a patchname script I made myself.

Now in the inspector under the routing tab in the patch select listbox I can browse through all the Banks I have and chose a patch. The expected behaviour - as it used to be in C11 and C12 - is, that the tree view control shows all banks collapsed. If you expand a bank via mouseclick and scroll through the patches and select one, the tree view controll should keep the focus on the entry (the patch) selected and the view also stays at the same point.

In C13.0.21 the tree view shows all banks expanded giving you one long list of patches (over 1000 in my case). After scrolling down to - say - Bank 8 and selecting patch 85, the list immediately jumps back to the beginning, Bank 0 and shows the first entries only. It doesn’t keep the list at the point you selected.

C13 uses a different GUI control than C12 and previous version. It used to be a Windows standard list control/tree view control but it is not anymore. To me that looks like the now control isn’t implemented properly.

In the current state while it looks more consistant to the Cubase GUI, it’s basically useless for actually working with it.

I’m on Windows 11

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Could you please attach Cubase 12 and Cubase 13 screenshots, please?

This is how it looked like in C12. Notice the focus on the chosen patch that is kept until you shift it to another patch.

And that’s the view of C13. Note that here also a patch is selected, but no focus. And when you scroll down through the list of banks after clicking on a patch the view reverts to what you see in the pic:

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Same here, I have a couple of external synths (e.g. Roland Integra-7) and this is exactly the same problem I have been experiencing after I upgraded to Cubase 13. It’s really annoying because there’s hundreds of patches so after selecting something that’s a long way down, the cursor returns to the top. This makes workflow very difficult.

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The same problem here. Testing the different sounds has become almost impossible

I can happily report that this is fixed in 13.0.30.

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I opened another case in December about this issue:

Can other users confirm that it is solved?
Thank you.

Yes, it works perfectly for me again

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Excellent, thank you.
Now all I need is a 40% discount on the upgrade from 12 to 13 :wink: