C13 Help Videos; Please recommend some good ones

In the past the Steinberg Cubase videos on YouTube have been pretty good for learning about the new features, however this time I don’t really enjoy them*. What are some good YouTube alternatives to those on the Cubase YouTube Channel? Also, are there any non-Steinberg web pages that are good for learning C13.

For example, I did like the PoundSound YouTube channel video “Customising Cubase 13 Color Scheme”.


PS: *Regarding what I don’t like about the C13 videos: There is too much talking before getting to the point. Clearly the presenter knows his stuff but he needs a better script writer and a “ruthless” editor.


Thanks UK.Sants, I guess I thought that was obvious that I was referring to YouTube videos and Web pages. I will amend my original post.


@Ricardo79 Hello. I find a lot of the training videos on Youtube, Groove3, and other free and paid sites need a little more editing to remove the fat. I like to get to the point, but I am also big on managing my time. Below are two youtubers I’ve watched but they can get a little “long in tooth” as well. I have followed chris for a while though.

chris selim


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