C13 Issue - selection boxes miss hits

In C13, I’m finding selection boxes are constantly ‘missing’ my selections.

By this I mean selecting an item from an option menu using the mouse, then leaving the menu, only to find its not on what I chose…!

The biggest ones for me are the quantise mode boxes because I’m constantly accessing and changing them, so they’re really frustrating to use now. So I select ‘Grid Relative’ from the Snap Type box, and it ends up with ‘Event’ selected. Or I select ‘Beat’ from the Grid Type box and get ‘Quantise’…

It’s like Cubase just isn’t keeping up with selections fast enough.

Never had this problem on C12 on Intel or Mac Silicon Rosetta mode. But I’m now using C13 natively on Silicon, so is it this that’s the problem? Anyone else having these problems?


Do you have the latest Cubase 13.0.20 update installed, please?

I have similar issue when the stretch arrows don’t get displayed

Yes - 13.0.20 installed.