C13 Issue With External FX - External Mixers

Hey all!

As you are digging into C13 today I was hoping someone might be able to explain something I am seeing with C13. I probably have my setup done incorrectly which may be causing this, but that also goes to my feature request tag…

In short, I often like to mixdown projects using an external analog mixer. Currently using 3x SPL MixdreamXP to get 48 channels, pushed out of two MOTU 24Ao boxes. To get this to work somewhat well in Cubase I have setup 25 external FX channels with the outputs set to the proper MOTU channels and no inputs. I then just add an input to the main project to monitor the output from the mixer. This has always been a pain because I can’t figure out how to get these faders to show the signal going out. They want to show a return signal.

The issue with the upgrade today is that C13 didn’t import my external fx settings from C12 properly. Channels 1-24 go out one MOTU, channels 25-48 go out a second unit. It reset the delay settings for 16 channels but kept them for channels 17-48, which makes no sense because 17-24 are on the same MOTU box as 1-16.

It also reset my VP03 and BOSS BX-4 settings to 0 delay and those are plugged into the main 1248 attached to computer.

So 1) there is a bug importing these settings from C12 and 2) it really wouldn’t be a big deal except it is a major pain in the behind to measure the latency on these mixer channels because you have to set an input channel individually and go through them one by one. Feature request would be to have cubase define an audio connection type of external mixer that handled all of this automatically (a group of out only external fx channels with one input channel not tied to any of them specifically).

This could also allow much easier measuring of channel delays (because there might be different boxes in the chain on each channel) . The code to do all of this is already in Cubase. It would just take a bit of effort to take some different parts and combine them in a specific way. It would also make it easier to adjust from current situation where C13 lost a good chunk of my delay settings.