C13 keyboard shortcuts wont save

hey guys im using C13 and my keyboard shortcuts wont save. I literally save 5 keyboard shortcuts and then once I close the key commands none of the keyboard shortcuts work.
C13.0.2, M1 Max (Mac Sonoma 14.2.1).

Any advise?


It looks like Cubase didn’t quit properly (probably crashes during the quitting process), therefore the changes are not written to the preferences to the files.

Can you confirm, Cubase crashes (maybe silently)? Do you have any*.ips file(s)?

Hi – the keyboard shortcuts literally dont work as soon as I close that key commands window in the same session of cubase. I havnt even closed it yet.
but anyway where can I find the .ips files?


Then it’s not a silent crash.

Which key combination did you assign and to witch function, please?

When you close the window, nothing is saved.
Saving happens with “Enter”.
It happened a few times with me before I woke up.

I assigned a bunch;
show/hide right zone; >
show/hide left zone; <
time warp; 0
render with current settings; Command+option+R
bounce selection; Command+option+B
reverse; `
randomize velocity relatively (-10 to 10); Shift + J

in fact these use to be the keyboard shortcuts that were working previously. I think ever since I ran a macero it stopped working and when I put new shortcuts it still wont save.