C13 lots of fixes in there! Epic

Hi All , I had some major functions which didn’t work for me in C12 , not sure they were functions or just bugs , but so far 2 of the main ones have been fixed in C13

Bouncing a Stereo Group if its output is set to a Quad buss - Fixed in c13
In C12 pan settings got lost after bounce

un Plugging my MBP from my RME rig in the studio , then opening Cubase (without an audio interface) , I lost all my External Synths and IO settings .
now Fixed in C13!

if you quit C13 then remove you IO device , then open C13 , it will ask which IO to use , say internal you can then work remotely .

when your done quit C13 , after quitting and re connecting your IO , when you open C13 and select your main IO (RME in my case) , the External Synths are all back ! Epic