C13: Low MIDI notes being filtered?

Some of my plugins use the lower MIDI notes as triggers / switches. EG GroveBass uses B-2 for slides, but I noticed they weren’t happening. It seems C13 isn’t sending any notes lower than B-1. Can anyone else confirm this?


Aren’t these notes eaten by the Chord Pads on your side?

All MIDI Notes are sent out on my side.

Don’t think so! (Chord Pads were disabled anyway)

It’s definitely not my keyboard as I’m entering the notes in the editor and they still don’t show in the Kontakt virtual keyboard.


Do you use any Expression Map on the given track by any chance?

I do!


I have just tried and the MIDI Notes used in the Expression Map are not filtered out on my side.

Hmm. Can confirm Omnisphere seems fine so I think this is a Kontakt 7 issue maybe?


Do you have the latest update installed? Isn’t there any filter?

This looks sensible. Not sure about the version, will check now…