C13/MediaBay Crash and corrupted samples

MediaBay freaked out on me last night and took out Cubase 13 and some of my audio samples with it. First bit of trouble with 13 so far.
Cubase Pro 13.0.30/Sonoma 14.4.1/Mac mini M2 Pro/MOTU 828x

Brand new Cubase session, opened an empty project to start playing around. Had one track created with a Groove Agent SE instance on it, no other plugins at all. Had MediaBay open looking for breaks and got some weird pauses and freezes while selecting files, but eventually it came back. At some point some of the files stopped playing back after the freezing. If I left the folder and came back, it was empty and MediaBay would start rescanning it.When it finished only some of the files came back. Eventually while rescanning/refreshing/going to different folders and back/etc, Cubase crashed.

Didn’t think much of it but I just now opened Wavelab and wanted to trim/edit some of those same loops. Apparently those files that stopped showing up in MediaBay, turned into corrupted 4.29GB files. Whatever crashed, ate 10 of 27 files in a folder. They went from like 3MB files to 4…29GB hah. All I really did aside from audition samples, was add the beats/tempo data to the files while I was listening to them. Not sure if that caused it, but the files that are still there have the info still so it didn’t break everything.

IPS attached.
Cubase 13-2024-03-31-213207.ips (173.2 KB)


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

I don’t know if this is related but it seems awfully suspicious. I found a couple other directories that had some corrupted 4.29GB samples too.

These were samples I recently edited in Wavelab 12 Pro, they were audio cd format discs I had to chop up by hand and whatnot, PG taught me all about the split by silence command haha. In those directories, Wavelab seemed to have left a bunch of its .$$$ temp files (even though I set it to NOT do that). Maybe those files threw MediaBay into a weird loop or something? I’ve had this happen before quite awhile ago, but didnt do any digging on it, I assumed it was a fluke last time.

Hey Martin,

Just another quick update… I am going to take a wild guess this is all MediaBay’s fault. I had Halion 7 do the same thing last night, killed a bunch more samples and blew them up to 4.29GB. I had restored all my samples that were damaged using Time Machine last night, and I decided to open up the standalone Halion to see if adding tags and whatnot in the Media Bay browser was a little smoother. Halion lasted for one directory, I selected 15 files, changed the category and style tags to Beats and Jungle/DnB. Right away Halion ‘froze’ up trying to preview a sample. While it was still spinning, I opened the folder in the Finder, and it had already corrupted 4 of the samples in there. I didnt bother waiting for it to crash, just force quit it so no DMP or anything.

For now it appears I just cant use Media Bay at all until this is hopefully fixed, or they can figure out why my machine does this. There is no telling when it does this and I’ve found a couple other random samples this happened to at earlier dates/times while digging for this. Last night I basically spent all night looking at folder sizes in my sample directories. Anything over 4GB, meant there was probably a corrupted 4.29GB sample sitting in the folder… Found a few of them from this year, last year, etc and some of those were so long ago, no Time Machine backups aside from the corrupted file, so I have to go ‘rebuild’ some of my sample library now.