C13 Menu Bar in MixConsole

I noticed that in this new version of Cubase 13 the menu bar was present both in the project window and in the MixConsole windows, which was not the case in previous versions.

Just out of curiosity, is there a reason for making this choice? Personally, this seems like a simple redundancy to me, unless there is a use for some users.


The reason is, that it has been requested by the users. :wink:

Btw, it’s Windows only. On Mac, we are used to seeing any application menu only once on the top of the screen (or on top of any screen, if we are using a multi-screen setup).

The window handling changed under Windows.

You can manually remove the menu bar in the mixer by right-clicking in the mix-console’s title bar and choosing the appropriate option.


Thanks @ColdSteel,

I’m glad to see that Steinberg have given the option to display this menu bar or not. This will satisfy everyone, it’s excellent!

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It’s a very good reason.

Thanks Martin!