C13 Midi Transformer Issue

Can someone please help me understand the changes that where made in C13 to the Transformer located in Midi Sends.

I use the midi send on midi tracks to send a message to my touchscreen, that when a track is selected in Cubase my touchscreen changes to show information about that particular track.

It seems something was changed in the new C13 transformer and my previous setting will not work correctly. In fact, looks like the menus options for Filter Target and Action Target are now different, so I’m trying to understand how to recreate my old C12 settings into the new C13.

Below are pics of my C12 settings, and the new C13 settings that seems to work properly for me at the moment. I just want to make sure I’m doing this correctly before I undertake the big job of changing all my 2000+ midi tracks to a new setting in C13.

Any help will greatly appreciated!



Hi, I won’t go into the translation you’re trying to do since I haven’t touched yet the midi logical editor, so I can’t really help on this.
However, in CB13’s manual it states:

Aren’t your user presets migrated the way described?

Hi, thanks so much for your reply. Yes, presets where carried over. But in this particular case they do not accomplish the same operation from C12 to C13. My guess is that it has to do with the fact that some functions in C12 are no longer available, or the names have been changed. When I open a transformer preset in C13 that was made in C12, it does show the correct names, but if you where to recreate the preset new in C13 those particular name functions are no longer available.

So, it seems I will possibly have to remake the presets specifically for C13?

So, do they work this way, or they’re just transferred but unusable?

Yes, I’ve seen the changes too, if they’re supposed to work this way, then yes, we have to adapt while creating new presets.

I was hoping to not have to change the presets, because I have them on a 1000+ midi tracks.

Seems some the preset value names get transferred, so they look the same, but do not the function the same as the original, as those particular values no longer exist in C13. One of those small design changes that cause a massive amount of time and effort fixing to make usable.

I totally understand this. Maybe you should wait for a fix-release before diving into this process?

Completely agree! I appreciate the dialog.


I’m sorry, I can’t reproduce it on my side. I tried to create exactly the same preset in Cubase 12:

But it looks different on my side in Cubase 12:

Then I load it to Cubase 13 and the result looks exactly the same, as in Cubase 12.

Would you be willing to share your preset, please? I will try to load it in Cubase 12 and Cubase 13.

Hi Martin, Thanks so much for your reply and help with this.

Yes, they both look the same for me as well when opening, but do not function the same. If I open the presets in C13, without changing them, they send a Value2 message that is one less in value. For example, if I have it set to send value2=20 in the Event Transform Actions, it actually sends value2=19 instead.

When I try to remake the presets in C13, I notice that value2 is not an option any longer. With a little trying I did manage to work out a preset in C13 that accomplishes what I would like to do. But I am a little unclear exactly what the changes in C13 do in comparison to C12.

Attached are identical presets in C12 and C13. Let me know what you think.
Thanks again for your help!
C12 Transformer test.xml (6.0 KB)
C13 Transformer test.xml (6.1 KB)


I tried to load both of your preset in Cubase 12.0.70 and Cubase 13.0.10. But none of them is working.

I copied the XML files over to the User Presets folder. Then I start Cubase and went to the Logical Editor. Searched for the preset. And if I clicked on it, the Logical Editor window remains with the previous settings and the Key Editor window gets focus. So the preset didn’t load.

I share the preset I made out of your screenshot. Can you try to load it, please?

C13 MIDI Transformer Issue.xml (6.1 KB)

Hi Martin,

I tried to load the preset you provided, with no success. Nothing came up in either C12 or C13, the preset would not load, just a blank interface page. Seems to be similar to what you experienced? I followed the exact steps you highlighted above and am also using the same versions of 12, 13 as you.

Any ideas what is going on here? Thanks again for your continued help!


This is interesting. For some reason it looks like you cannot use Logical Editor order at another system. Which would be another bug.

Could we try to exchange some another (maybe simpler) presets to verify this, please?

Yes, of course. I’m very happy to help. Just let me know how you would like to do this. Maybe trying to share a factory preset and a custom preset?

Here are two presets for the midi transformer made in C13. One is a custom preset with the picture, and the other is the first factory preset in the system folder. The only change I made to the factory preset is adding my initials to the name.

Curious to know the results you find on your end
DN_Add lower Octave on Velocity above 80.xml (1.1 KB)
C13 custom preset test.xml (4.2 KB)