C13 not handling recorded controllers correctly

Long story short, I’m using a numaorgan2 controller with Arturia B3-V in C13. I have the controller drawbars (CC12-20) mapped to the B3-V drawbars. I can record fine, but C13 is not playing back the recorded controller changes. It resets the CCs on stop, Arturia resets the drawbars, and then no sound. I’ve played every setting in C13 settings for chasing and nothing seems to work. Look at the attached image. C13 seems to think that there is nothing to play back, even though it has drawn the values in the editor. The only way I can get them to play back is to use “Extract MIDI Automation” and then they’ll playback from automation lanes. This is a dumb workaround that has other issues that I don’t have time to get into.

Anyway, am I just holding it wrong? It seems like this should just work. Record a controller, play it back. I can see when I insert a MIDI monitor on that channel, it is not playing those controllers back. Except for CC111, Expression. All I see is Note ON/OFF and CC11. Why it would be ignoring those others?

Some random theories before I try to get real work done again:

  • it has something to do with Note Expression and the way Cubase swallows that controllers up to use them for Note Expression.
  • it’s just another Cubase bug that used to work and now doesn’t
  • it has something to do with VST QuickControls

Anyone seen anything like this before? Thanks.

– Jason