C13: Please bring option for darker font

I like the new flat look of Cubase 13.

But due to the now bright white and thick font in all these little buttons, in some areas the GUI looks so much more nervous and distracting than before. Yes, the black font is not as good readable and if it was intended to make the GUI more usable for people with a reduced eyesight that is a good thing. But for others (like me) this makes the whole GUI distracting, because each and every button (and there are hundreds) seem to scream at me: “look, I’m there! It’s me! Click me! I’m here!” Especially the track list now glows like a Christmas tree and clearly shines all the time in my left eye when I’m working in the arrange window.

I know this sounds exaggerated but this is the first visual change in Cubase ever (and I’m with it since the Atari times…) that really makes me not wanting to use it. It is so distracting.

So therefore: please give us an option for a less - let’s say - brightly lit GUI.

Thanks & best regards



The bright white fonts is horrible…


I hope so, but I’m starting to feel that the Steinberg developers do not value our opinions or our effort in writing topics here
I fear that the Cubase will fail in Feuture because of this bad policy. Competitors are developing faster and listening to the opinions of their customers

After two hours you expect them to answer to each post in the comment and acknowledge all wishes already? Give them a little more time. I don’t remember the version anymore but once they had to fine-tune the mixer GUI after a release due to a lot of unhappy owners and they did it very well then.

Yes please, change from grey back to black.
Cubase 13
Cubase 12


And also, bring back the colored icons if activated. In 13 they look like disabled.


Also … in the MixConsole it’s great to open the instruments directly instead of long click on the e button, but no indicator that the instrument is open (in the situation, that the instrument is in behind another window.