C13 pro - suddenly losts its mind over my vst3 plugins - Mac Silicon

Greetings all… done some searching here and elsewhere, but no clear solution yet. My M1 Max has been running great with C13 pro in Native mode for months, however, yesterday, I booted up after installing a couple of freebies, and it now hangs on startup and states it is scanning for VST3 plugins… this takes about 15 minutes, then no 3rd party VST3s show up. I have not moved any of the plugin folders in the library, all the VST3s I use are silicon compatible… so I am stumped. Tried the usual preference trashing, the one by one plugin removal based on date of installation, I went back a few months on that, but the result is the same… nothing is blacklisted. So I switched to Rosetta mode, and things improved somewhat but not completely, of course I would rather be running native like I have been for months now. Any suggestions? I even reinsatlled the C13 app… no change. I am tempted to start from scratch but thats a heap of work. Thanks in advance.

So… after removing all the 3rd party plugins and then adding them back in a few at a time, it seems that there were quite a few that weere in the wrong architecture yet previouxly the system did not flag them. Strange but all good now.