C13 Random Crashes while Exporting (EuCon?)

I’m just experiencing some random crashes while exporting in C13.
Is anyone else having that ?
I’m using EuCon (S1+ Dock) and I’m inclined to say that it’s something related to EuCon.
Almost all crashes I had was when I was exporting and went to other app (And cubase went to the background). It was the same exact behavior that was causing some crashes when loading projects in previous EuCon versions. I had a lot of crashes while loading projects when Cubase was in the background. Now, with the latest EuCon update, I have zero problems opening projects now, but the problem is now when exporting.
If I quite EuCon app, it seems to be more realiable.But still crashes sometimes.

Also, C12 is very smooth while exporting with EuCon app running.

Anyone Else ?
(I’m on MacMini M2Pro Ventura)


Do you mean Export Audio Mixdown?

There are some crashes reported form this area.

Exporting Audio Mixdown.
I also notice that whenever I restart my system, things become a little bit more stable.