C13 - Three bugs and ... the Hub

We’ve just finished running comparison testing between C12 and C13. We’re satisfied that performance and stability are comparable between the two versions.
We did find a few small bugs along the way:

  1. The Open Project dialog file-type filter is not retained, so every time it’s opened, the filter has to be reset to .cpr only (otherwise we see all the bak files, etc.)
  2. We use System Link here between Cubase and Nuendo. On C13, when the Synchronisation menu is opened (from the Transport dropdown) and then cancelled (no changes to the menu are required), the red light appears in the performance meter, the Online checkbox in the Systemlink menu becomes unchecked and sync is disabled. If the Synchronisation menu is closed with OK, the Online checkbox is unaffected and sync is retained.
  3. We always have the Cubase performance meter window opened in the lower left corner of the screen. We’ve noticed that when we open the Studio menu and then close it either via OK or via the X in the top right of the menu, the performance window disappears. It can be restored using F12.
  4. The hub is a bit of a puzzle. At one point during testing I noticed that there was a ‘Close Cubase’ button on the lower right of the hub window and made a mental note of it. I opened a project to look at something, and when I closed it again, the ‘Close Cubase’ button had changed to ‘Cancel’. Out of curiosity I clicked the Cancel button and the hub disappeared! Now all I had left was the Windows desktop, the transport bar and the performance meter, and no obvious way to get anything back. I finally clicked on the transport bar to focus and then Ctrl-Q to exit. This new Cubase windows concept still needs some work, I think, or there’s a trick I’m missing.

All of the above behaviours occurred whether we had preferences enabled or disabled.


This is known and already reported issue.

I will try to have a look on this.

I cannot reproduce this. Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

Be aware, the Hub is different for Windows and Mac. Could this be the case, which puzzles you?

This is a Windows 11 machine, updated to 23H2.

the hub ‘quit’ button changes to ‘cancel’ when you open… then close a project.

not sure why ?

as you’ve found out, if you then click ‘cancel’ you have to jump through a few hoops to get cubase to either quit or open a new project.

I saw this cancel button thing last night. The difference from my normal situation is that I usually only have the Project window, MixConsole window, and Markers window open when I close the project, and that results in the Close Cubase button. But last night I also had the Performance window open when I closed my project. I saw from the Windows task bar that Cubase had two windows open, then switched to the Performance window and closed that. Then the Hub’s button changed to the usual Close Cubase button, and I clicked it to exit Cubase.

I think the difference is that the Performance window is not project specific, unlike the Project, MixConsole, and Markers windows, and thus conceivably could (by some stretch of the imagination) make sense to keep open when closing a project and returning to the hub. Ditto for the Transport bar (though that requires even more of a stretch, at least in the single project’s having been open case). If I’d actually had multiple projects open, with one being the active project, then closed a project, it would have made sense to leave any non-project-specific windows open, since they could now apply to another project. But, if there is only one project open, it would be much harder to make the case for keeping those windows open. Of course, if multiple projects had been open, and you closed one, would it make sense to return to the Hub? Probably not.

Interesting. I’ll have to fool around with it some more to see if I can fully understand the logic.