C13pro: - When importing a MIDI file, HALionOne is loaded instead of HALion Sonic for some tracks

C13 has problems importing an SMF file that contains more than 16 tracks, in my case 32 tracks.
The possible 16 MIDI channels are mostly used twice (each by 2 tracks, but not at the same time).
The file is error-free; it can be loaded and played by both normal MIDI file players and Cubase 12.

In Cubase I use the following setting for MIDI import:

If I import the file into Cubase 12 with these settings, each of the 32 MIDI tracks becomes an instrument track in the Cubase project.
HALionSonic 7 is loaded into each of these tracks as VSTi.
So everything is as it should be.

However, the following happens with Cubase 13: Some tracks do not load HALionSonic as VSTi, but rather HALionOne (which is still on my hard drive but is no longer used by me.)

Addendum: I only noticed this behavior with the Windows version; on my Macbook Pro, HALion Sonic loads on all tracks. However, HALionOne is not installed there either.

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