C24 w/ Cubase/Nuendo?


Is it known if anyone has gotten the C|24 to work (on any level) with Cubase or Nuendo?

Thanks for any info, mike

There is no driver for C24. There is something for Control 24 and ProControl:


I don’t have it, but I read the maker support service is not very good.

Just having looked at the prices on Ebay I would imagine that it really wouldn’t be worth it. A couple of Avid Artist Mix controllers, or the new ones, wouldn’t be that much more money for something that is to be supported longer and isn’t sold used…

Of course, if the price for the C|24 is close to zero then making it work is just gravy.

I’ve been using Neryink Vconteol with my C|24 to pair with Cubase. It works as any Hui device does. A lot of the button functions are not applicable or defined but automation, fader/pan, sends and plugins editing works perfectly.