c4 and hitpoint difficulty


i am having trouble with the hitpoint feature in Cubase 4. its not a feature i never use so im not sure if this is due to the way i went about it or …? so if anyone could share with me some sundry tips on getting the details clear id appreciate it.

i have a long stereo audio file that i recorded from an external midi instrument and i want to do some processing on individual sections of the file. specifically i want to process individual notes/ short licks uniquely ( eq some, compress some, reverse …etc )and i want to tighten up timing . Ichopped the large file up into individual regions and bounced them to audio files, and dragged them into the the project window.

ie A 1, A2, A3 etc when i open the A1 file, set my hitpoints then choose slice and & close what happens is the file is chopped but only the final slice is inserted back on audio track. The rest of the file is mia? if a grab the sliced version of the file from the pool it is the same. i realized after some time this audio is now a part and if i open the part editor and move the handles i get my audio back but i doesnt seem to be sliced. ithought this would be the best way to manage my task …

why does the feature behave this way in this mode?

and does anyone have any advice on which mode for this task for future as i decided to use the create regions. truth be told i could have had the job done hours ago by manually editing the audio but i thought this is the right time to dig in and learn it.

  1. the other thing that has me frustrated is i getting the hitpoints to show up in the sample editor. At first when i was reviewing the manual, couldn’t figure out why they are not visible, i thought i needed to have the audio selected within the editor to get the hitpoint feature to work ( for the slider to be active and the actual hitpoint to be visible) but i don’t think thats the case, just a coincidense. i think its just the handle for the sensitivity slider is just so damn small that it wont move to reveal them. the only way i can get it to work it to change modes in the inspector ie to playback or defintion, then change back and … - perhaps thats just enought to reset the gui. is it just me or have i missed something in the manual

  2. is there a way to zoom in without the “edit Hitpoint” deselecting. use the right click for swapping tools and each time i do i have go back and reselect it. actually any click in the waveform window disables the edit selection. pita

  3. in the manual it says that you "zero crossing " should be selected but if you edit the hitpoint manually the zero crossings seems to be disabled … I was hoping the the point would jump to a zero crossing . correction as im working with stereo tracks and when i zoom in one is on a zero but the other track is not. hmm?