C4 crashing after splash screen.

For a number of days my Cubase 4 has been crashing after ‘content’ is listed on the splash screen. Oddly enough, despite disappearing, it’s still listed as running in my ‘processes’ window. :frowning:

I’ve re-installed it a number of times (after getting rid of everything), cleaned my registry and also deletd the prefs’ folder…but nothing seems to work. Here is the error log that’s created:

Cubase4.exe Version Version 4.5.2 Build 274 - 15.1.2011 16:33

Timestamp is 48bd9c13 (Tue Sep 02 21:03:31 2008)
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 4\Cubase4.exe

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
Fault address: E9E8015A 48BD9C13:00000228

EAX=00dbea20 ECX=015ab288 EDX=e9e8015a EBX=00000000 ESI=015ab288 EDI= 0d624e80
EBP=00000001 EIP=e9e8015a ESP=0013fa74 CS= 0000001b SS= 00000023 Flags=00210206
DS= 00000023 ES= 00000023 FS= 0000003b GS= 00000000

Float Save:
Control Word= ffff027f Status Word= ffff4025 Tag Word=ffffffff
Error Offset= 00f75f91 Error Selector=013b001b
Data Offset= 011125d0 Data Selector= ffff0023
Cr0NpxState= 00000000

Any ideas what I can do?


I’d try emailing tech-support with the error log details. I’m not sure what type of response you’d get (with Cubase 6 launching recently), but they could probably pinpoint the problem better than most of us forum members.

Hi Innerlyte,

Yeah, I tried copying the error log to the support crew but to no avail - however, I’ll hold for a few more days to see if there’s a response.

I also noticed that the programme doesn’t appear in the taskbar when it’s loading (as it used to) - wondering if anyone else has seen this symptom?

I remember Cubase 4 being a bit buggy for me at times as well. I wonder if it is a hardware conflict in your case. Perhaps your soundcard or video driver is either corrupt or not well supported. You might have luck updating, rolling back or reinstalling your hardware drivers. What is your DAW configuration?