[C4] Mixdown problem with a 25+ minutes project

Hi all.

I tried a search here, and had a look at the archive (no serch possible?), so forgive me if this has been discussed earlier.

We have a very long song:

  • about 25 minutes long
  • 995 signatures
  • 6 audio tacks
  • 8 MIDI tracks
  • 1 VSTi (Edirol Canvas)

We are in a guide tracks/demo phase, but we have not been able to make a mixdown of the entire song. we had to split it in 2 parts and then re-assemble the parts.
-> mixdown, Stereo out -> MP3 (128k) -> hit export and C4 freezes (no progress bar showing up)

I remember that once there was a limitation in duration.

Any hint?
Thanks a lot.


Multiple time signature changes and long files are a problem in C4. Use Flexible Routing to record all tracks to a single track, grab that from the Audio folder and use a 3rd party app to convert to MP3.

Thank you for your input.

Does it get better in C5/C6?

It is strange, since playback works flawlessly, I expected at least that real time export should work.

Have a nice day.


I know this is probably not the most helpful post but in answer to your question about C5/C6, I can say that long songs still seem to be a problem in C5. I’ve just done a 15 minute mix and exporting it was a complete nightmare. Lots of bouncing sections to audio. …