C4 projects in C6 demo - random tracks set to 100% volume


I’m trying the 6.0.1 Cubase demo but having problems with random track volumes when loading projects. Here’s my problem:

  1. I load any Cubase 4 project.
  2. A random number of tracks are set at full volume regardless of the location of the slider in the mixer. The affected tracks are always the same for any particular file - the only thing they have in common is they are VST instruments but I have few samples in my projects so it might not be tied to the VST instruments. Earlier and later saves of the same projects have the same tracks affected.
  3. Clicking on the track volume slider in the mixer or MIDI Fader pane resets the track volume to the correct level (it doesn’t need to be moved). This has to be done for every affected track.
  • Correcting the problem in C6, saving and reloading the project doesn’t make a difference.
  • Changing the “read automation” settings on / off doesn’t affect the volume until after I have clicked on the volume slider
  • The original projects play back fine in C4.5.2
  • I get continuos CPU dropouts until I correct the volume (I click OK and another warning appears)

What am I missing?

I’m running 32 bit versions of cubase on Mac OS X 10.6.7 on a Mackbook Pro mid 2009 (2.8GHz Core 2 duo).

Any help greatly appreciated because it’s not worth me upgrading until this issue is sorted. Thanks.


Hi again,

I’ve gone through all my projects and have worked out the tracks affected are HalionOne or Spector tracks - not all of them, just some. Neither of these plugins are included in the C6 trail package. I have read elsewhere on the forum someone deleted their C5 HalionOne and replaced it with the C6 version and that cured their problems. Could it be an incompatibility between the C4 builds of these plugins and C6? I have no way to test it.