C4 Quantize Lengths Q

I have a MIDI drum track that has notes of different lengths that I want to make all the same, 1/64 for example. I’ve tried selecting all inside the Key Editor and the Advanced Q- Q Lengths which does nothing. :confused:

I have Snap set to 1/64ths and Q lenght set to Use Quantize. Where am I going wrong?

Cubase 4?
MIDI menu>Functions>“Fixed Lengths” (at current quantize value, obviously :wink: ).

You need to select fixed lengths from the midi/functions.

edit, dam… missed again :laughing:

Eggshellent! Thanks, guys. vic gets a gold star for his forehead and Split gets a silver one. :mrgreen:

:smiley: Maybe the board should have a “Hold the press!” button while typing! :wink: