C4 studio missed plug-ins

I bought new hard disk and I installed Cubase studio 4 with 4.5.2 upgrade.
Now some of plug-ins are missing, e.g. roomworks SE.
I see that installation packages are in macbook but there’s something I miss.

When I updated my old hd there was no problem in upgrade.
I’m not sure if I remember right but as far as I can remember I did some changes in document section’s defaults.xml…?

Can you tell me where’s the problem?

macbook 2.1 intel core duo
OSX 10.4.11

I have the same problem. I’m working with Cubase 4.5 in my G5 and Cubase Studio in my macbook pro (intel).
I’m trying to work some projets on the road but I can’t find Room Works plug in my laptop. Neither Room Works SE.
What’ going wrong?