C5.5.2 and automap problems

I bought the novation MKII and hooked it up last night and had it working fine. Mixer key brought up the mixer and when an automap vst was opened the parameters were displayed on the MKII, parameters could be configured throught the software etc and everything was working fine. This morning i opened it up and now nothing is working. I hit mixer, it flashes on the hardware and the automap pops up saying no control maps assigned to this group. No vsts will sync to the automap either. Anyone else have these problems? I have it hooked up exactly the same as the setup says and no changes since last night. Is this a cubase issue???

Try loading the Automap Manager before going into Cubase. It should load automatically but I noticed sometimes it doesn’t. I’m not sure why.

All sorted. Deleted automap and re-installed it. Seems to be working fine now