C5 and C7 on the same Computer


I`m working with C5, and the C7 Update arrived yesterday. After reading some Forum Posts I consider to install the C7 Update now.

Is it possible to run C5 and C7 on the same Computer (When I install the C7 in own directories)

Some Experiences runing the Update from C5 to C7 ?

Thanks for an small reply

Best Regards Jens

Hello Jens

I have C6.5 and C7 installed on the same PC, the same HD just in different folders and it works like a charm.

Aloha J,

I have C5/6/7 installed on the same 'puter
and they all work fine.
I can even open all three at the same time. :slight_smile:

The only annoyance is if I just clik on any
Cubase file, C7 want to open it.

But as I said this is just a small annoyance.
There are some work-a-rounds and
I use them so no real probs.

HTH (hope this helps)


Have CB 6.07 and CB 7.01 working on the same computer without problems.

And yes…of course CB 7 is opening if you select an *.cpr-file, because it has been installed alter that the CB6 version.

But easy to change in Windows, just right click on the file and choose …open with… and select Cubase 6. :wink: