C5 and vst instrument question

I don’t know whether this is possible or not.??
I have a drum set recorded live. I would like to utilize groove agent to transform the tracks I have into something more palatable…drummer doesn’t tune his drums.
I was looking into groove agent and am wondering how and if I can insert the kik drum track
into groove agent, thus creating a new, in-tune kik drum sound
Is this possible?
How might I go about this?
Taking the original drum track and creating a vst tracked kik drum…
and thus repeating process for all drum tracks.

I may be thinking too hard but, it sounds logical.
I just don’t know the details.

Are you saying you want to use the recorded drum sounds in GA1? If so, you have to chop out the individual samples and load them to the various pads in GA1.

Cubase 6.

Figures… I just upgraded to C5 and now another… Oh well.
They will need to settle for out of tune drums…
Thanks for your replies y’all

You can do it in C5 also, no need to buy C6 :unamused:
"KT drum trigger" (for example…)

did you play along with a click track when recording if not ,you could quantize the already recorded drum kit with the timewarp tool if you know how to use it, that way you can virtualy replace all the original drum track .