C5: mixer loads extremely slow

As I’ve read already, there was a topic in the Mac-user section on the old forum. No solution was ever found for most users reporting this very annoying problem, and so here I am to ring the alarm again.

First things first: I own a PC, and I’m not afraid to call it a decent machine. Specifications:

Intel Core i7 920
Asus P6T mobo
6 gigs DDR3 RAM
Primary HDD: SSD drive -> running programs (W7 64 bit, C5 64 bit)
Secondary HDD - 1 TB 7200 rpm WD -> plugins, effects
Tertiary HDD - External 1 TB 7200 rpm WD -> samples, storage
M-Audio Delta 44 Soundcard
Nvidia GTX 275

As for the rest of my hardware, it doesn’t make sense at all to name them since they can not affect my performance.

So here I am, to tell you what my big frustration is. I bought this PC two years ago and assembled it for the use of a DAW, Cubase 5. Most of the reports about the i7 performance were quite positive, although some glitches in the beginning (ASIO spikes etcetera, fortunately SB fixed these in the major update-packs). To be honest, I’m quite happy with my machine since it can handle insane big projects without pops/cracks/spikes.

My concern became apparent when I visited a friend of mine, who has Cubase 5 (32 bit) and Windows 7 (32 bit). His system specifications were: dual core cpu which dates back to 2006 (exact cpu version: unknown, but I do know for sure that it was an Intel chipset), 2 gigs of ram, an old model HDD, m-audio audiophile and so forth, kind of basic setup.

When we made music at his place, and we were working on a project that was full of plugins (about 6-10 heavy plugins), lots of effects and lots of audiotracks, some problems did occur in the sense of pops/cpu-overload/cracks, but when we hit F3, the mixer showed immediately.

This bothers me to the fullmost, since I own a system that should outblow his system with ease, but when I open up a template with, lets say, 10 empty audiotracks, 10 pre-installed FX-channels and 4 group tracks, my mixer takes about 2 seconds to load, everytime, over and over again.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to solve this? It’s getting quite annoying by now and I almost tried any form of advice/tweaks that were available on the internet.

Kind regards


I am sorry, is this a joke?


At my place, C5 seems to have a very annoying kind of delay in everything it does: meters, opening of the mixer, adding effects/tracks, loading plugins (for example: GA One takes literally 10+ seconds to load) , etc etc etc. While on the other hand, those things mentioned before open up/load almost instantly at my friend’s place. Since his PC is way less powerful, I’m concerned about this.

So what do you mean by ‘is this a joke’ ?

In case you meant my way of defining; does that make any difference? I need a solution, no stupid arguments.