C5 Trial + C6 license = C5 full?

I’d like to make sure I’ve haven’t got this wrong …

My plan:

  1. Install the C5 trial (previously downloaded) and make sure it’s working
  2. Buy C6 update
  3. Don’t install C6 yet, but update my Cubase C4 license to C6
  4. Run C5 trial with the C6 license

– This, I think, gives me a FULL version of C5, and not some kind of reduced trial version?

  1. Apply the C5.5.3 update
  2. Wait a while and install C6 once the early problems seem to be resolved in revised versions

My main concern is point 4: am I right in thinking that the C5 trial is the same as the C5 full program, and (coupled with the C6 license) will therefore work the same as if I’d installed from a C5 DVD (which I don’t have)?

Hello, chase,

yes, you will be able to run the C5 trial with the C6 licence. And yes, the C5 trial equals to the full C5, basically. Maybe some sound content is missing in the C5 trial compared to the original installation DVD but, otherwise, the application itself is the same and can be also updated to 5.5.3.

Note that the installation of Steinberg software and the installation of licences are two different things and their order is irrelevant. So, for instance, you can at first upgrade your licence from C4 to C6 and then install the C5 trial.

Regarding the plan you mentioned, you will be successful at the first step only if you have an activation code for the C5 trial. That’s because Steinberg trials also require licences. And I’m not sure whether activation codes for the C5 trial can be still obtained, therefore, if you don’t have one then you will probably have to upgrade your licence first.

Best regards