C5 VST Plugs failing to load... Soundtoys

Hi folks,

Has anyone come across a situation in Cubase (have had in C4 and C5 in the past) where a VST pluging is selected from the Insert drop-down and it’s just failed to appear entirely? I’ve noticed this in the past but not gotten to the bottom of it - the most recent culprit is my newly installed Soundtoy’s ‘Decapitator’…
In a new C5 template it’ll load up just fine, but in a track I’ve already worked on it’s mostly seeming to not appear.
No hangs, or crashes - just a no-show… other plugs will load into the same slot happily.

As I said, this has happened before some time ago, and I’m thinking perhaps it’s only been with certain Soundtoys plugs…
although I can’t be sure…

Any thoughts? Will be gratefully received…



PS My C5.5.1 install was fresh this week - I’ve just done clean system drive install, and am using the latest versions of the Soundtoys v4 stuff…


Hi - my specs are:

Windows XP Pro SP2
Intel Quad Q6600 2.40
4GB RAM (with userva 3GB switch)



Seeing you’re on XP…does this happen on high ram loads?