C6.0.2 Plugin Load/Crash

In C6.0.2, I’m having a problem loading plugins. Some plugins, for example Guitar Rig, are now making C6 crash completely, without warning windows. Also trying to load some waves plugins, or add a midi instrument like Halion Sonic SE, has given me zero results! As in, I locate the plugin in the plugin window, click it, and it won’t appear on my plugin list/midi instrument window.

All my plugins are still working fine in C4. Anyone have any ideas?

Mac, WIndows, 64bit, 32bit??

Heavy project or new empty?

PC, WinXP, Presonus FP10, C4, C6.

Project has very little in it. Midi track running Superior Drummer, 2 guitar tracks, and using 1 waves plugin on a group channel.

Its strange that the plugins won’t even load. Even HalionOne or Halion Sonic SE wont load.

Plugs not opening is usually indicative of hitting memory limits.

Check your task manager performance/memory use while the project is open.

Yep I had already checked those out, including the VST performance window. Everythings normal.
All of the plugins are active and leading to the right path in the plugin manager window.

Seems they worked fine before I upgraded to 6.0.2. Also, all my plugins and midi instruments work 100% when I open them in Cubase 4, which I’m still having to use.

Yep I had already checked those out, including the VST performance window. Everythings normal.

What do you call normal. How much memory useage?

& if you start a brand new project in 6.03 do the same plugs open?

Cubase v6 eating more RAM then v5.5.1 and even more than v4.
Additionally 6.0.3 eating much more RAM than 6.0.2!
My project in 6.0.2 takes 1.8GB and working fine, but with 6.0.3 - 2.8GB and crashes soon after load, and I was reverting to 6.0.2!

With 32bit windows 1.6GB is a rl limit for cubase, on 64bit Win XP Cubase 32bit could work till 4GB of ram, but some plugins dont like so high addressing and cause crash.

If u r using sampler - superior - it loads huge amount of samples to RAM, check out how much!
And try to freeze this instrument asap, but important - with unload option…