C6.0.3 + Ableton Suite 8.2.2 Rewire


I’m having problems getting this to work. I hook them up as follows:

  1. Start Cubase
  2. Activate some Rewire channels
  3. Start Ableton
  4. Open Ableton Project (at this point 1 midi channel with Operator)
  5. Open the Cubase project
  6. Crash of Cubase
  7. Killing of both EXEs

Running Windows 7 64bit but with all apps in 32bit. Also some jBridged PLugs running. Other systems specs see signature below.

Anybody else?? I mean its really basic what I have loaded in Ableton and it already crashes so I exclude certain VST plug problems.

Thanks for a hint!

Adding this:The Problem already existed with C6.0.2 and Ableton 8.2.1

i just thought it would help going to the latest releases.

So its basically about rewire C6 + Ableton 8 in Windows 7 64Bit in 32bit Mode