C6.0.3 some VERY slow processes

i have noticed since a while that some things are just VERY slow.
i would like to find out if it is my specific system or if others noticed the same.

  1. closing C6 down from any project takes 28 sec. that is way slower than things used to be. i know that’s a bit vague, but i did not time it until now.

  2. opening the preferences and not even changing anything: to close the window takes 25 sec! again, that seems very long!

any comments?

hey there,

if you are getting hangs when exiting, that is usually due to a plugin. try navigating to your VSTPlugins folder and rename it to VSTPlugins_OFF or something. that way when cubase loads it wont load your plugins.

Then try loading in the project and closing it off. if its noticeably quicker upon exit, then slowlt introduce the plugins one by one until you find the one causing the slow down.

then, once you have found it, look for either an updated version, or if you are on 64-bit cubase, consider installing 32-bit cubase alongside it.

good luck!

this does not have to do with hanging plugs. as i said i just open C6 empty and close empty. no loading of plugs involved.
but i take your answer as an indication that you do NOT experience such long shutting down times?

and to my 2. point: how long does closing your preferences dialog take?

and i am running C6 32bit in a 64bit OS.


only trying to help, in future i wont bother. :blush:

Your point 2, it closes more or less instantly.

Preference close 1 sec or less
Blank project to desktop 2 Seconds


can anyone give a hint at how to troubleshoot something like that? it must have to do with my installation then, but how to pinpoint what causes it?
i went back to my initial install with C5 on it. opening and closing times are just a few seconds there too.


Try trashing the prefs for both installs!

This may be related to the audio driver resp. ASIO driver. Cubase tries to unload the driver on exit and may have to wait due to numerous reasons. Try to select no driver in the Cubase devices setup and try again.

6.0.7 includes faster project save times.

problem solved.
it turned out to be in the general preference file.
i deleted all preference files. after that closing was fast (3-5sec) and same for the preference and device dialog.
then i restored one preference file after the other. after i restoreed the general file the slow fault showed up again.
i then even narrowed it down to a specific cofiguration preset in the preference dialog. i did not go further to find out which setting within the preference dialog was causing the upset.

thanks for everyones input.